At Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 Gurgaon live in the lap of luxury

At Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 Gurgaon live in the lap of luxury

Live in the Lap of Luxury at Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 Gurgaon

Emmaar Emerald Hills is a luxurious apartment complex in Gurgaon, India. It was inaugurated in 2008 and houses over 3,000 residents. The property offers a range of amenities including cinemas, shopping malls, gyms and playgrounds among others.

What makes Emaar Emerald Hills luxurious?

Emaar Emerald Hills is a luxurious apartment complex located in the heart of Gurgaon. The building has been designed to provide you with an environment that is resort-like, with all the amenities you need on hand. The property has a swimming pool for your relaxation and entertainment, as well as an array of facilities including gymnasiums and meeting rooms where you can conduct business or organize parties.

Location of Emaar Emerald Hills in Gurgaon

Emaar Emerald Hills is located in Gurgaon, near the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. This luxury gated community is just a short drive away from the Delhi Metro and you can get there by car or public transport.

Features and amenities at Emaar Emerald Hills

Emaar Emerald Hills is a luxurious apartment complex with an array of amenities that you’ll love. The property has a swimming pool and gym, as well as club house, tennis court and golf course. It also offers its residents a dog park for their pets to play in to let them take care of some exercise on the side!

The apartments at Emaar Emerald Hills are all spacious by design with modern décor that truly brings out the best in any space it inhabits.

Floor plans and layouts of Emaar Emerald Hills apartments

Emaar Emerald Hills apartments are spacious, with a lot of natural light. They have a lot of space for storage and living, which makes them perfect for the small family or single person who needs a comfortable place to call home.

The floor plans of these apartments vary from one another in terms of sizes, layouts and amenities that they offer their residents. Some models come with two bedrooms while others only have one bedroom; however, all models feature an open-plan kitchen/living area which allows you to enjoy more room than other homes available within this price range!

Investment opportunities at Emaar Emerald Hills

Emaar Emerald Hills is a new township being developed by the Gurgaon-based real estate developer, Emaar Properties. It is located in Sector 65, near Indira Gandhi International airport and it will soon become one of the most popular residential areas in Gurgaon.

Emaar Emerald Hills is currently under development and offers various investment opportunities to investors who want to make money from their properties or simply buy a new home as an investment opportunity.

Comparison of Emaar Emerald Hills to other luxury apartments in Gurgaon

  • Emaar Emerald Hills Gurgaon is the best luxury apartment in Gurgaon. It is not just any other property, but it’s a place where you are going to feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury.
  • The apartments here have been built with high quality materials and craftsmanship by experienced craftsmen who know their trade well. You will be amazed at how well-built these apartments are!
  • There are many things that make this an ideal place for people who want to live in a luxurious environment: from the design and architecture to its location close to all amenities, which makes it easy for them get around when they want something new or want some fun activities nearby (such as playing golf).

Reviews from current residents at Emaar Emerald Hills

Emaar Emerald Hills is a luxurious apartment complex located in Sector 65, Gurgaon. It offers state-of-the-art facilities that you can use to make your life comfortable and convenient. You’ll have access to an array of services including 24 hours emergency service, CCTV cameras throughout the property, and a car parking space for every two units. The amenities that Emaar Emerald Hills has to offer include swimming pools with Jacuzzis, gymnasiums with yoga mats and exercise machines, tennis courts, children’s play area areas (including swings), shopping malls nearby which feature all kinds of shops from apparel stores to electronics stores—and more!

Upper floor units come equipped with marble floors while lower level apartments have wooden floors instead; both options are beautiful but if you’re looking for something different then perhaps consider one on an upper level so that it doesn’t get too hot during hot summer nights!

Security measures at Emaar Emerald Hills

Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 is one of the most luxurious apartments in Gurgaon. It has been designed to provide you with all the comforts and amenities that you would expect from an apartment in this price range. With its well-designed interiors, it offers an exceptional lifestyle where you can live in style without spending too much money on your monthly rent or mortgage payments.

Security measures: The security measures at Emaar Emerald Hills are very high when compared with other luxury gated communities in Delhi NCR Mumbai , etc., as they include 24 hour CCTV surveillance cameras installed outside each building compound along with rapid response teams on standby 24/7 365 days per year just in case someone tries something funny after midnight when nobody is around except for security personnel who guard their premises round-the day long even during weekends!

Accessibility to transportation from Emaar Emerald Hills

  • Accessibility to public transportation: Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 Gurgaon is well connected with various modes of transport. The location of the mall is strategic as it is close to all major roads, making it easy for you to reach your destination by car or metro. You can also take advantage of the many bus services that pass through this area, ensuring that you won’t have any trouble getting around town. In fact, there are several options available for public transportation at Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 Gurgaon including buses and taxis.

Pricing and payment options for Emaar Emerald Hills apartments

Emaar Emerald Hills is a gated community in Gurgaon. It has a 24/7 security guard and swimming pool. The apartments are available at different price points, depending on the size and amenities you want. For example, if you want an apartment that has both a living room and dining area but no kitchenette (which can be purchased separately), then your cost will be higher than if it were simply an apartment with one room only.

Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 Gurgaon offers payment options including cash payments or credit card payments through their website or app which allows users to pay their monthly rent without having any additional fees charged by them such as late fees or service charges

Emaar’s reputation in the real estate industry

You can expect a high level of quality from the Emaar Emerald Hills Sector 65 Gurgaon. The developer has been in business for more than 25 years and it has a reputation for delivering top-quality products.

The company offers a wide range of properties to choose from, including villas, apartments and commercial spaces that are suitable for both residential or commercial use.

Benefits of living in Emaar Emerald Hills in Gurgaon

Emaar Emerald Hills is a modern residential project. It is located in a well-connected location and provides an excellent lifestyle to its residents. This project has been designed by world renowned architects and engineers, who have ensured that the villas are aesthetically pleasing as well as spacious enough for everyone to enjoy their own space.

The community also offers amenities like schools, hospitals and shopping malls within walking distance from your doorstep along with several recreational facilities such as swimming pools & gyms which will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything while living here!

In conclusion, Emaar Emerald Hills is one of the best places to live in Gurgaon. It offers luxury living at an affordable price, while also providing all the amenities that you would expect from a modern building. The location makes it easy to commute around town and enjoy all that Delhi has to offer, while still being away from any noise or traffic pollution so that you can sleep well at night without worrying about being disturbed by strangers nearby.

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