Emaar MGF Palm Hills

Emaar MGF Palm Hills A Luxurious Living Experience in Gurgaon

MGF Emaar Palm Hills Gurgaon’s Luxury Living Experience

Palm Hills is a luxury living experience in Gurgaon that offers spacious apartments and houses. The development was launched by Emaar MGF in 2009 and offers units ranging from 1,250 square feet to 4,500 square feet. The project has been designed by world-renowned architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of Herzog & De Meuron AG which also built the Park Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong. Palm Hills features several amenities such as swimming pool, gymnasiums, club house with billiard tables etc.

Location and accessibility of Palm Hills in Gurgaon

Palm Hills is a gated community located in Sector 56, Gurgaon. The project has been developed by Emaar MGF Palm Hills and offers a luxury lifestyle with all the modern amenities that you would expect from a high-end project.

Palm Hills is close to Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway and it’s easy access makes it an ideal option for people who want to commute easily between their homes and offices. It also offers easy access to a number of commercial hubs like Cyber City, Greater Noida Industrial Estate and Bhondsi Industrial Area which are some of the most popular areas in Gurgaon.

Amenities and facilities offered at Palm Hills

You can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at Palm Hills. As a resident of this property, you will get to enjoy the following amenities and facilities:

  • A 24-hour security guard
  • An emergency medical service with an ambulance that can reach your home within 15 minutes. The ambulance will take you to any hospital in Gurgaon or Delhi within 30 minutes. However, there is no facility for transportation back home after treatment has been completed.
  • A 24-hour maintenance team that comes regularly to maintain all common areas such as elevators, air conditioning units etc., so they are always ready when needed by residents. They also keep cleanliness among other things under control by regularly cleaning carpets and furniture inside apartments as well as outside areas like patios or gardens surrounding them (this helps reduce chances of getting insect bites).

Types of residential units available at Palm Hills

There are a number of types of residential units available at Palm Hills. The different types of residential units available at Palm Hills include:

  • Executive Apartments
  • Super Single/Two Beds Suites
  • One/Two Bedroom Duplexes

The price range for these residential units varies from Rs. 790 lakhs to Rs. 995 lakhs depending upon the size and location, but do remember that it is not possible to get all these amenities in one apartment or house!

Price range of units at Palm Hills

  • Prices for Palm Hills range from Rs. 50 lakhs to a whopping Rs. 1,000 crore.
  • The project is located in Sector 14-15 and can be accessed via the Palam Vihar Metro Station or via the Gurgaon Expressway and NH8 (Delhi-Jaipur Highway).

Floor plans and layouts of units at Palm Hills

Palm Hills offers a variety of floor plans and layouts to choose from. The unit sizes range from 1 BHK to 4 BHK, with different types of units. This makes it easy for you to find your dream home at Palm Hills.

Overview of the construction quality and design of Palm Hills

  • The construction quality of Palm Hills
  • The design of Palm Hills
  • The location of Palm Hills
  • The amenities and facilities offered at Palm Hills
  • Residential units available at Palm Hills, price range, etc.

Comparison of Palm Hills to other luxury living options in Gurgaon

  • Palm Hills is a new development in Gurgaon.
  • It is located at the heart of Gurgaon, with easy access to all major roads and metro stations.
  • The apartments are spacious and have Emaar MGF Palm Hills Gurgaon beautiful design features that make them stand out among other buildings in their category.
  • There are a number of amenities and facilities available at this apartment complex, making it one of the best places to live in Gurgaon.

Palm Hills offers various types of residential units so you can choose the perfect place for yourself or your family members!

Testimonials from current residents of Palm Hills

The residents of Palm Hills have been very, very happy with their decision to live at this property. They like the amenities and facilities offered, as well as the location of their apartments.

The people who have lived in Palm Hills for two years or more are also very satisfied with their homes’ quality and value for money. In fact, many say that they would not consider moving out because everything about living here is just perfect!

The developer behind Palm Hills, Emaar MGF

Emaar MGF is a real estate development company owned by the Dubai-based Emaar Properties. It was formed in 2000 as a subsidiary of Emaar Properties to focus on building luxury residential projects. Palm Hills is one such project that was started in 2010, and it has gone on to become one of the most highly rated luxury developments in Gurgaon today.

Emaar Properties has been involved with several other projects including City Center III and City Center II (both located within Palm Hills) as well as many more throughout India including Green Park Village and Al Garhoud near JBR Beach Road in Dubai which were both built by this same developer!

Sustainability and green initiatives at Palm Hills

The Palm Hills is a LEED Platinum Building, which means that it has an excellent waste management system. The building has a rainwater harvesting system and solar power plant, which will make sure that there are no water wastages or pollution caused by the use of tap water in the complex.

In addition to this, they have also installed wind turbines at their site so that they can generate electricity from these sources instead of relying on conventional energy sources like coal-fired power plants or diesel generators (which are expensive). Moreover, they are also looking into biomass boilers as another way for them to reduce their carbon footprint through renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines

Security and safety measures at Palm Hills

The Palm Hills community is one of the safest neighborhoods in Gurgaon, which has been witness to a number of fatal accidents over the years. The residents are provided with 24/7 security services by Emaar MGF Palm Hills Sector 77 Gurgaon own team of guards and personnel. In addition, they have access to CCTV cameras installed all around their homes that can be monitored remotely by Emaar MGF staff members at any time.

Community and social events at Palm Hills

  • Palm Hills has a community center, which serves as a venue for community events.
  • Palm Hills has a gym and swimming pool.
  • The club house at Palm Hills is open to members only, but it offers an array of facilities including billiards tables, air hockey and foosball tables; free Wi-Fi access; library area with books on art and history; two dining areas with panoramic views of Gurgaon cityscape from the outdoor seating areas; outdoor cinema room overlooking lush green lawns surrounded by trees and shrubs that grow naturally in this residential area of Delhi NCR (North Central Zone).

The kids play area at Palm Hills includes swing sets that are perfect for younger children to enjoy while they play with their friends or siblings without having to worry about safety issues related to bumping into other kids while running around outside on your own property! There’s also plenty more fun things like slides too: make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing moments because they’re all waiting right here inside your own backyard!

Investment potential and ROI of Palm Hills

If you’re looking for a luxury property to invest in, Palm Hills is the perfect place. This project has been designed with the highest standards of quality and design, giving it an investment potential that’s hard to beat.

The ROI of Palm Hills will depend on your own personal circumstances, but there are some key factors that can help make sure you get back what you put into this property:

  • Calculate Your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Calculate Your Investment Potential
  • Use Actual Data From The Project

Palm Hills is a well-loved community that offers luxury living in Gurgaon. The location of Palm Hills is one of the most sought after in Gurgaon, because it’s close to malls, schools and hospitals. It also boasts of great amenities like swimming pool and gym facility

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