Luxurious amenities at Emaar MGF The Palm Drive

Luxurious amenities at Emaar MGF The Palm Drive

Emaar MGF The Palm Drive offers opulent amenities.

The Emaar MGF The Palm Drive offers luxurious amenities and services in a pet-friendly environment. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay, including swimming pool complex with multiple pools and water features, fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, outdoor sports facilities for tennis, basketball and more plus much more!

Swimming pool complex with multiple pools and water features

The Emaar MGF The Palm Drive has a complex of swimming pools with multiple pools, water features and relaxation areas.

The main pool is the main feature on site and offers a wide range of activities for guests to enjoy. There are also two smaller side-pools located at the back of the property that can be used by children if they don’t want to join their parents in the main pool area.

For those looking for something more relaxing, we offer our Spa & Wellness Center where you can indulge in massages or treatments such as massage therapy or facials while enjoying your own private retreat within this beautiful space!

Fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment

The fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a cycling studio and running track. The functional design of the gym allows you to work out in various ways, while providing privacy. For example, you can choose between individual or group training sessions. In addition to being able to work out alone or with others, you can also participate in many different types of classes: bodybuilding, Pilates and yoga among others.

Outdoor sports facilities for tennis, basketball, and more

You can play tennis, basketball and more on our outdoor sports facilities.

Our tennis courts are located at the Emaar MGF The Palm Drive Golf Course and the Emaar MGF The Palm Drive Sports City. We also have a volleyball court that can accommodate up to 10 players at one time and is open from 5pm until 1am daily (11pm on Fridays and Saturdays).

For those who prefer something more active than just hitting balls over net posts, there are badminton courts available for you to practice your game on. Our indoor badminton facility has 12 tables where you can enjoy some friendly matches against friends or family members after work!

Clubhouse with multiple lounges and entertainment options

In addition to the spa, you’ll have access to several lounges and entertainment options. The Clubhouse is a place for relaxation and unwinding as well as an ideal place to meet friends and family. It’s also an ideal spot for enjoying the outdoors with its pool area or just relaxing in one of their many comfortable chairs while enjoying some delicious refreshments.

Spa and wellness center offering various treatments and services

  • Spa services
  • Wellness center
  • Treatments: Hydrotherapy, Sauna and Steam Bath, Massage therapy and Aromatherapy. * Relaxation: Relaxation rooms are available for you to enjoy after a long day working or traveling around Dubai. You can also enjoy an aromatherapy session in one of our relaxation rooms or have one of our therapists give you a luxurious massage at any given time!

Jogging track surrounded by greenery and scenic views

A jogging track is a great way to get in shape and make new friends. The track is surrounded by greenery, making it a perfect place for relaxation. It’s also a great place to meet new people who enjoy running or walking around the same area as you do—and maybe even become friends with them!

Convenience stores and retail outlets for daily needs

The Emaar MGF The Palm Drive Gurgaon, with its unique lifestyle, offers convenience stores and retail outlets for daily needs. The mall has multiple stores including multiple brands and locations.

The mall also houses a wide variety of products that are exclusive to this location only; therefore you can expect to find anything from groceries to clothes at this shopping destination!

Fine dining restaurants and cafes serving a variety of cuisines

The Emaar MGF The Palm Drive has a wide range of fine dining restaurants and cafes serving a variety of cuisines. These include:

  • Swanky cafés that offer a relaxed atmosphere with great coffee and desserts.
  • Casual family-friendly dining options for lunch or dinner, along with kids’ birthday parties.
  • After work drinks in one of our rooftop bars on the upper floors for business meetings or just hanging out with friends.

Business center and conference room for meetings and work

The Palm Drive Business Center is a state-of-the-art facility offering business meeting rooms with access to high speed Internet. It is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to make your meetings more productive and enjoyable.

The Palm Drive Conference Room provides a perfect setting for any type of business event from small meetings to large conferences or seminars. The room features a large screen TV, inlaid wood flooring, carpeted walls and ceiling, sound system with speakers installed on each wall (adjacent to each chair), microphone available at every seat in the room along with whiteboards for writing down notes during presentations.

Ample parking space for residents and guests

Emaar MGF The Palm Drive Sector 66 Gurgaon offers ample parking space for residents and guests. The condominium has a total of six (6) floors with a total of 458 parking spots, including two (2) underground garage levels.

The parking spaces are conveniently located at the rear of the building, away from traffic so that they do not disturb your neighbors or cause noise disturbance during night time hours. Each parking lot has its own security system which ensures safety for vehicles as well as their occupants in case of an emergency situation where you may need help immediately!

Pet-friendly environment with dedicated facilities and services.

You can also take your pet to the Emaar MGF The Palm Drive, which offers a pet-friendly environment with dedicated facilities and services.

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